State of the art software.
Designed for ease of use and to save you time.

Plug and play.

Manage all your mail requirements from one easy-to-install portal.

Our state-of-the-art software is all you need to begin reducing mailing costs and freeing up time for other important jobs. Where you would normally go to File>Print when printing documents, select the Foojit option instead of your office printer, and Foojit replaces your usual printer dialogue box.
  • Simple regististration, download and install.
  • Create your document, select the Foojit print driver.
  • Enter the recipient’s address and set your print options.
  • Click send. Job done. Foojit handles the rest.
  • Preview mail before sending.
  • Smart scanning of documents to auto-detect addresses for easy input.
  • Easy account top-up facility and pay-as-you-go.
  • Attachment options and mail merge facilities.




Using Foojit’s software is no different to the way you use your usual print command on your PC. When you go to print, simply use Foojit instead of your office deskjet or laserjet printer. We’ll take it from there.

Mail preview

The mail preview feature allows to to check your documents before you send to make sure you’re happy with them

Smart scan

Foojit’s software scans your documents for addresses to save you time typing them. Just select and click from the preview pane.

Mail archive

Want to check on previously sent mail? Foojit can archive your mail for up to six months in case you need to refer back.

Top up

Manage finances and top your account up from within the software. Make sure you never run out of postage credits.

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Same routine. Different results.

New software and procedures in your business can take time to embed, time to train staff and bring them up-to-speed, and effort from your team to adopt new habits. Not with Foojit’s plug-and-play software.

The beauty of Foojit’s solution is that none of these headaches occur. We fit into your routine rather than you having to change your procedures to adopt new technology. Simply by selecting Foojit’s printer driver in your normal word processing program when you go to print, means implementing Foojit into your mailing processes has zero impact on the way you work. Zero impact, apart from the substantial cost and time savings.

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