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What would you say if we told you that you could send all of your mail and documents for a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time? Worldwide.

Why your business needs Foojit


No brainer.

Put simply, Foojit slashes your mailing costs and admin time.

If you know how to print letters and documents from your computer, then you’ll be able to use our free software.

How does it work?




Foojit’s solution means an end to printing, envelope stuffing, stamping and franking.
And no more trips to the post office. Who has time for all that?

Find out HOW

Increase revenue.

Free software. No printer toner. No paper. No envelopes.
No stamps. No franking fees. Zero time in the post office.

Foojit increases your bottom line. If you know how much you spend each year on office resources for sending mail and people hours to process it, Foojit means that most of this will stay in your bank account. Guaranteed.

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